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5G: System Survey, Air interface and procedures


What 5G is? What will help to cope, what kind of problem will solve, what prospective will open? Will it be universal cure for all diseases? This course will give you an overview of the new radio technology in the RAN (also referred to as New Radio), the architecture EPC and Next Generation Core Network (also referred to as 5G CN). After the program participation you‘ll be able to answer questions above and have your own opinion regarding fundamental changes in 5G system development, evolution of system architecture.

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  1. Сellular network further development and EPS (LTE technology) 3GPP in particular
  • Background and reasons for developing the 5G Core
  1. Describe the 5G standardization
  • Main purpose of the Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance
  • Development strategy of the 5G standard IMT
  • 5G preparation for the implementation of Massive machine-to-Machine Communications (mMTC), ultra-Reliable low-latency communications (URLLC), and Advanced mobile broadband access (eMBB)
  1. Describe the 5G Network Architecture options
  • 3GPP key principals for the overall 5G core architecture
  • 5G Core system architecture according to 3GPP TS 23.501
  • Main 5G Core terms and definitions according to TS 23.501
  • Node functions and interfaces for the 3GPP 5G Core reference architecture
  • Standalone (SA) architecture
  • Non-Standalone (NSA) architecture
  • Role of the EN-DC (E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity), NGEN-DC (NG-RAN E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity) and NE-DC (NR-E-UTRA Dual Connectivity) in the NSA architecture
  • Migration strategies to 5G
  1. NR RAN principles & procedures
  • Definition of frequency ranges NR RAN
  • Transmission bandwidth configuration and a comparison of the number of carrier frequencies LTE and NR
  • “Numerology” concept
  • Differences in the structure of the LTE frame, and NR
  • Main NR procedures;
  • Radio interface protocols
  • MIMO technology with NR
  1. UE Categories functions and features.
  • Development strategy of the terminals 5G

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Training Methods

This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons and exercises.

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Who Should Attend

Network Engineer, Network Design Engineer, Support Engineer.

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Entry Requirements

Successful completion of the following course “LTE System Survey”.

Duration — 3 days

Maximum number of participants — 16