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Our mission

Our mission is improving the professional level of specialists, who are responsible for stable working equipment every moment, customer good mood and satisfaction and high level of telecommunication in Russia.

Our goals

The competence plays a key role for competitive advantage. Our task is assistance of our customers in improving the competence level to stay competitive in the market.

Our experience has shown that by working together it is possible to achieve success in transferring technological information, and also in strengthening international relations. These principles became the basis for the creation of Ericsson Training Center in 1995 by Swedish company Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson ( and Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (

    • Ericsson Training Center in Russia works in close collaboration with the network of Ericsson Education Centers around the world for maintenance of high standards of training.
    • Ericsson Training Center in Russia has the licence for educational activity.
    • Teachers are the professionals in the field of telecommunications who are fluent in English.
    • Ericsson Training Center in Moscow has 8 laboratories. It’s equipped with the modern equipment for specialists training, equipment and software certification in the Russian market.
    • The available classrooms and equipment allow to train 120 students a day.
    • Today more than 300 various courses are offered in different areas of telecommunications. We have training programs for specialists who are engaged in operation and maintenance of radio relay equipment, departmental networks, fixed and mobile communication networks equipment.
    • The trainings are conducted in Russian and English languages
    • The preparation programs are offered for middle-level and low-level managers.
    • For 20 years of work in the Russian market the staff of leading telecommunications companies, such as Vympelcom, MTS, Megafon, Rostelecom, Comstar, MTT, Sibirtelecom, MGTS and many others were trained in Ericsson Training Center, that allowed to increase the amount of services offered by operators and also their quality.
    • 27 940 people have been trained since 1995. Among them 12 000 people were taught over the last 5 years.
Ericsson Training Centre keeps closely cooperating with Moscow University of Communication and Informatics. We take active participation in students’ professional activity training. It’s very important both for the history of University development, which is one of the leading educational institutions in the country, and Ericsson Training Center, which has just been celebrated its 20th anniversary. At some stage Ericsson Training Centre takes up the baton in specialists training from Moscow University of Communication and Informatics. By working together we raise the professional level of specialists, who are responsible for stable working equipment every moment, customer good mood, satisfaction and high level of telecommunication in Russia. Therefore, realizing the importance of engineers training, we apply new teaching techniques, create new training programs and also use new approaches to providing education services. We value our customers and we are always glad to see them in our hospitable training centre.

Our advantages

  • Licensed training programs;
  • Flexible approach to the needs of customers;
  • Licensed and experienced teachers;
  • Professional management;
  • Teaching in Russian and English languages;
  • The classrooms meeting international standards;
  • The existence of telecommunications equipment.
  • Remote access to equipment;
  • Carrying out courses both in the training center, and at a customer’s site;
  • Additional consulting and maintenance services;
  • Course development at the request of a customer;
  • Translating technical documents;
  • Canteen facility is available for students;
  • Assistance in hotel booking.

Phone no: +7 495 232-1667 E-mail: