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  • Knowledge is worth it, I’ve learned a lot. It remains to apply in practice! Thanks.
    Yakov Efremov
    Company MTS
  • The course is very interesting and informative. I’ve received a lot of new information that belongs to my official duties. (Attended course: LTE Radio Network Functionality).
    Igor Terekhov
    Company MTS

Ericsson Training Centre

The modern telecommunications are characterized by fast-moving environment and the advanced technology used in the systems. That sets high demands for people involved in running and managing a telecommunication network.

Overnight success can happen, however it will not be sustained without competent staff. That is why the employee training has an even greater strategic importance than ever before in the telecommunication business management. Staff must be prepared to move with the dynamics of the industry and the organization, whether that involves new technology, network expansion or new markets. This implies that training must be of a high quality for all staffs. We want to identify ourselves with your priorities for speed, timing and reliability.

Since opening our doors to our first Customers in December 1995, we have built a solid reputation for listening to what our Customers want and delivering high-quality training both at our Training Center in Moscow, Russia and at Customer locations, abroad as well.

Today our training portfolio provides training for all categories of staffs. And when you need a specific training which isn’t covered by our services, please call us anyway and we are confident to arrange the training you require.

The Ericsson Training Center philosophy in training is to optimize the core competence of your staff, so that the work in your organization flows as smoothly and becomes as effective as possible. Today we offer a wide range of training services for your staff at all levels. We would be very happy to establish with you excellent relationships, work together and help you to reach your objectives. Your success is our success.

Our mission is to improve the professional level of specialists, who are responsible for stable working equipment every moment, customer good mood and satisfaction and high level of telecommunication in Russia.

The competence plays a key role for competitive advantage. Our task is assistance of our customers in improving the competence level to stay competitive in the market.

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