Services Rendered

Technical courses (Hardskills)

Our mission: is to improve the professional level of specialists, who are responsible for stable working equipment every moment.

Ericsson training center offers trainings for technicians of all categories occupied on networks with telecom equipment. We take into consideration the multivendor network architectures and provide wider range of training services to our customers.

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Technical courses development with adaptation to customer needs

This service is offered to customers from scope of telecom industry, IT, transport networks, telecom operators, implementing their own unique solutions in network architecture, taking into account multi-vendor specificity. Ericsson Training Centre develops customized training programs considering specific tasks and functions of customers’ technical staff.

Here are some examples of customized programs:

  • Courses for managers of telecommunication and IT projects provide knowledge of general principles of project management with a combination of specific skills in the operation of equipment.
  • Survey courses for top-level technical leaders on the subjects of latest technologies in the telecommunications industry and tendencies of branch development.
  • Programs for technical staff which purpose is to get skills to work on specific vendor’s equipment with emphasis on topics which are the most relevant for a customer.
  • Programs considering multi-vendor specificity of customer’s network and characteristics of employees’ functions.
  • Skills assessment testing for customers’ technical specialists.
  • Training specialist (or group of specialists) plan based on his job descriptions.

Soft skills trainings

Partnership Programs

New knowledge is always useful, especially, if it can make money and realize your dreams, plans and ideas. Skills required to be a businessman are valuable to any specialist.
We invite you to participate in programs which will help you to improve yourself and your business, starting with simple introduction to strategy, moving ahead successfully and develop businessman’s systems thinking.
Programs will help you to build your business, develop it quickly, increase your income, get more free time and create successful independent living.

Thanks to our partnership programs, we provide opportunities for effective business training in Moscow!


Project Management courses:

A project-oriented activity is becoming increasingly relevant nowadays. The principles of project management that introduced by companies are one of the key ways for achievement of strategic objectives and operational efficiency.
The project management skills can be gained only in practice. By reading textbook material, presence at lectures/seminars, it is possible to receive only theoretical knowledge.
The theory project management is required in daily work not so much, as the ability to solve on its basic the assigned tasks.

The business cases, offered in our programs, are taken from telecommunication industry, that closest to most customers.


Customer Service & Sales Training Programs

Nowadays companies are seeking competitive advantages by creation and maintenance of high service level. Employees are required to understand the needs of their customers, customer interaction process, effective communication skills and their role in achievement of good business results.
Our customer service and sales training programs will help you to become proficient in effective ways of improving your client service and relationships, to increase sales and customer loyalty.


Personal Development Training courses The detailed description of programs —

Competency Assessment

Our experts will develop competency profiles and assessment tests for technical specialists. You will be able to use it both for employee certification in local information systems of your company, and in creating assessment centers. Our consultants will also give recommendations about of employees’ development.

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Organization and carrying out scientific and methodological conferences, consultations, exit seminars (including foreign)

Ericsson Training Centre Centre is the information platform for expert community. We organize conferences with attraction of authoritative experts in the area of telecommunications, debating clubs and experience exchange platforms for representatives from integrator-companies and telecom operators.
An event venue can be both in the Russian Federation, and abroad. For more information, please contact —

Independent assessment of technological decisions in telecommunications industry

Carrying out an independent technical expertise will help to determine a cause of incorrect equipment operation and faults/overloads which occur frequently.
The expert analysis will identify deficiencies and problems of realized technical solutions and will help to find solutions of networks optimization.

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Lecture rooms rental

Ericsson Training Centre offers equipped lecture rooms rental with the full package of administrative services.


  • Consulting companies
  • Independent trainers and consultants
  • Corporate trainings

Basic Lease Terms

Ericsson Training Centre offers equipped lecture Rooms of different sizes and occupancy.
The arrangements are possible in each classroom according to customer’s inquiry.

Rental options:

  • classroom without equipment
  • classroom with basic equipment: LCD Projector, flipchart stand with paper, two markerboards;
  • computer classroom: basic presentation equipment, computers

Administrative services

  • Registration of participants
  • Provide and prepare participant name badges
  • We can organize lunch and coffee breaks
  • We can prepare certificates of participation based on a model provided by a customer
  • Internet access

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Technical Translation in the field of telecommunications (English, German)

We offer high quality, professional translation services, including interpreters during training courses (Russian/English/German).

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Education project management in the field of telecommunications

We offer service support of company’s divisions which are responsible for vocational education and training. The professional managers of Ericsson Training center will assume project management in the education sector, administrative functions and routine work in processes associated with education. This will allow freeing up time and resources for employees for performing other important tasks.

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